A Multi-Functional, Self-Installable and Easy to use Educational Portal with all super features that makes online education easy and effective.

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A Modern and Complete School Automation Software that suites almost every school or educational institution. This system can handle: student admission, online class, online exams, result checking, accounting, Library, and lot more... ...

Top Most Features

Some of our Super Features


Examination/CBT Management System

Result Manipulation

Result Configuration/Management System

Application System

Online Application Management System

Result & Application PIN

Result Checker & Application PIN Generator

Accounting System

Bursary/Accounting Management System

Payment System

Online Payment/Processing Management System

Total Clients

Result System Users

Examination System Users

Payment System Users

Other Features

Other Super Features of OurPortal


Affordable for all schools

A Cross-platform School Portal Solution

A Multi-Level, Self-Install and Easy to use Educational Systems


Free Admin Training on How To Use

Quick Response on any Challenge

24/7 Support Technical Team

A System Built with reliable Programming Code

Secured with Latest SSL

Data Protection with Backup System

User Interface and Device Suport

Smartphone Devices

Works Flexibly on any Smartphone Device

Laptop Devices

Works well with all browsers in any Laptop

Desktop Devices

Works responsively on any kind of Tablet

Tablet Devices

Support and works on any Desktop Screen Size


Frequently Asked Questions

OUR PORTAL is a modern school management system with the following amazing features:

•Admin/Staff Dashboard
•Student Dashboard
•Admission Management
•Online Application Processing
•Online Payment Processing
•Student Management
•Academic Management
•Online Exams Management
•Online Class Management
•Assignment Management
•E-Library/Learning Resources Management
•Voting Management
•Admin/Staff Management
•Bursary/Accounting Management
•Application PIN Generator
•Result Checker PIN Generator
•Results Configurations/Management

You literally do not need any Website Developer to build education website or portal any more, you can now SELF-INSTALL the system, set it up with necessary details and information and get launched in 24 hours all by yourself.

Yes! There are not less than five ways of making money using this platform:

1. Application Pin: All students must buy Application Pins to be registered on and profiled to use the portal

2. Result Checker Pin: All students must buy pin to check their results; bye bye to seasons of getting results on paper.

3. Online Class and Tutorials: Your school can run classes and tutorials online; students have to pay for that no matter how small

4. Online Exam and Quiz: School can intentionally set mock questions for students to challenge themselves and improve their learning efforts

5. Advertisements: Parents of students, individuals and corporate organizations can be given opportunity to advertise legitimate products and services on your website and mobile app for a token

Cost of set-up or development is absolutely free.

Yes, your platform comes with Mobile App which will be available on Google Play Store

Every school will have a subdomain. For example, if the name of your school is ALADCO COLLEGE, your domain will be aladco.ourportal.ng or aladcocollege.ourportal.ng or any subdomain you like.

Yes, you can have your custom domain name like aladcocollege.com, but you will bear the little cost of buying the custom domain name and setup.

Yes, you can. We will get some details for you and help. It will attract a little cost.

Yes, there is cost of 15000 Naira per term for Subdomain and cost of 20000 Naira per term for Custom Domain, which caters for token for guidance/training, domain names renewal, consistent hosting expansion and advertisement to reach more schools to benefits.

The purpose is to allow you do it yourself. You will be able to manage it by yourself, and we shall train and guide you accordingly.


What people are saying about us

Wow! A very creative platform, it makes education easier and it makes me pay more attention to my studies because my parent can easily check my results.


From : GVIS

I was introduced to Ourportal by a friend. Now I confirmed that, the features are very good for all schools to come in for.....


From : Smart Academy

This platform has made academics so easy for me, and even for my child, Have been able to access almost every activity in the school from my comfort zone This platform is indeed academics made easy

Mr Samuel Folorunso

From : Sammy International School

The platform has indeed made me more hardworking and paying attention to my studies because I can access my result from anywhere online read online. And make me very active online.


From : LGA

Team Members

Our Hard Working Team

Mr Chris Oshundun

Chief Executive Officer

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Mrs Faith Oshundun

Manager Director

A Great Manager, an educationist. A key member of PRONAVA(Project National Values)

Mr Adeola Daniel

Director of TECHSTAC

Director of Media Republic, Chris K Company

Abdulkarim Kasimu S

Director, Quality Control & Assurance Officer

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